Barbershop Tales

Jacob Fjeldheim, Jackson Smith, Tyler Kerstetter, Casey Doran

Barbershop Tales is a musical romp through coming of age, tradition, and romance. It follows a young man, Joel, ready to take over his father's business (a barbershop, naturally), when his introspective yet unemployed best friend Timmy and newfound love interest Judy pull him off his father's track. His life complicates as he discovers Judy is in fact homeless, and seeks to reconcile this with himself and with her. As finally the pair seem meant to be, Judy disappears, and Joel's entire world shatters: he's left to pick up the pieces of a broken reality in a light-hearted comedic setting. Considering the former elements' intertwining and unfolding in straightforward delivery and lighthearted song and dance, Barbershop Tales is perhaps best categorized as theatre of the absurdity of reality--an exploration into what can be, a parody of seriousness. Static set. 5 males, 4 females, 7-20 flexible chorus. Sheet music not included; available (free) upon request. Bulk discounts and other options available from the publisher at