Posted July 27, 2014

Call For Creators

Written by Casey Doran

There's a unique pride in stepping back after a long project and seeing the thing you wrought. Even more so, it's humbling to see the work you do engage with others in ways that resonate across time.

At Corrupted Amish Publishing, we know both of those feelings all too well. It's why we got started, and it's what we intend to keep doing on our own for a good long while. 

But another part of why we're so excited about this journey is that we're now empowered to help other creators to start building. One of our founding goals is to curate amazing content of all types and find the best new voices to share. 

This isn't a call for submissions. This isn't a call for the manuscript you've been tweaking for the past ten years or a demo CD you recorded on your Macbook's internal microphone.

This is a call for creators. We aren't worried about whether your book or album or game or screenplay is up to snuff. Ideas are everywhere. We're more interested in talking to you, about the things you get really ridiculously excited about. We're far more interested in building great partnerships than we are in scoring the most money from the best content. 

There are two simple tracks for working with us. If you have a work close to completion, or it's clear you don't need much help from us in the content department, we're happy to help you wrap things up and get your work published. If, instead, your idea is young , or you lack the skills to execute on your vision,  our team of talented creators are happy to help you iterate on it.

In either case, you can still own your content and our rates are competitive. We're not in this to get rich, we're here to do one thing, exceedingly well:

Tell amazing stories.

Want to join us? Get in touch.


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