We're an independent publishing company based out of Merritt Island, Florida. Our team of talented creators focus on finding the very best of undeveloped content so we can bring new voices to the public eye. We're well-equipped to create original works for stage, page, or screen.

Hire Us

We're always on the lookout for new works to bring to the world. If you have a project you want to partner with us on, get in touch with a member of our team. We'll work with you to pick one of our two levels of service, listed below.

Partnered Publishing

If we like your idea and it's far enough along in development, we'll partner with you to get through the last mile. If it's a book, we'll help you get your work typeset, build the cover, front and back matter, set up an ISBN, and get your book available for purchase in print (online and from corporate and independent booksellers) and in digital formats for readers worldwide. If it's an album, we'll help you finish your content, assemble packaging, and get your music available for purchase on CD, Vinyl, and digital. Got an idea for a project in another medium? We'll work to make sure your customers get to hear what you have to say. There's no upfront cost if you partner with us, your content remains your property the entire time, and our royalties are very fair. 

Partnered Development

If we think your project is in need of serious revision, we will, either for equity or for pay, work to bring your project to a marketable state, including collaborative rewrites, recording services, and whatever else our team can provide. Once your project is completed, a few options are available. If our work was for hire, you're entitled to, and welcome to, take your project elsewhere for publishing services. If it was for equity, or you elected to have the work done for hire and still want to work with us, you will be given priority consideration for your project to be promoted to a publishing agreement.